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Santa Cruz Rent Control and Tenant Protections Act – Rent Board The Rent Board will initially be appointed because we did not want the city to..

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Some of the people who write letters to the Sentinel say that if you can’t afford to live here you just must move. The passage of Prop 13 shows..

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Description of their paper published in December 2017 written by authors Rebecca Diamond, Timothy McQuade and Franklin Qian AKA “The Stanford..

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Rent control key to affording San Francisco by Calmatters Team - Infogram

Here is a VIM fm to remember when you hear that old chestnut that all economists think rent control is bad, as though economists..

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When a Vehicle is a Home, City Must Reconsider Tow Fees, Judge Rules

To our fellow humans who are Outside and Vehicle Dwellers: You are all always invited to participate in the Movement for Housing Justice meetings!..

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