Rent Control & Just Cause Eviction for Santa Cruz Renters

A broad-based coalition of community organizations and activists is championing a Renter Protection Ballot Initiative for the City of Santa Cruz. We will put an initiative on the November 2018 ballot that includes rent stabilization, eviction protections, and the formation of an elected “Rent Board” which will handle the regulation of rent prices and evictions.

We needed 5,700 to get our Rent Control and Tenant Protection Act on the ballot…. and we collected 10,791! We look forward to our VOTE YES campaign after the city clerk confirms our count.

We’re asking you to pledge your time and money over the coming months. You can use our secure online form to sign up for monthly automatic contributions to the Renter Protection fight. Please also commit to spending a few (or more!) hours a month to gathering signatures and contacting voters. Can’t commit to a regular monthly amount? We understand, you’re probably one of the many renters paying more than 70% of monthly income in rent. Consider making a one-time contribution, or let us know how you’re interested in helping out.